Change Material Type

The FabPro 1000 can print with many different FabPro™ and NextDent®materials. Please see the sectionsFabPro Print MaterialsandNextDent Print Materialsfor a full list of supported materials. This section describes the steps that are necessary to cease using one material type in the printer, and to begin using another material type.

材料can leave residual material in the print tray, even when cleaned well. For this reason, some materials cannot be used in the same tray that held another material type. The sectionPrint Tray Material Cross-Usagedetails which materials are compatible with each other and can be used in the same tray. If the material you are switching to is not compatible with your original material, you must use a new print tray for the new material. The following procedure will walk you through switching materials in both scenarios.

  1. Remove the print platform and print tray, cleaning them both, as per the sectionClean Print Platform and Print Tray. For changing materials, it is best to submerge these components in Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) during the cleaning process. Putting them through an ultrasonic cleaner is even better. This ensures that material gets drawn out of all the crevices of the components.



  1. After removing the print tray, label iton the outsidewith an identifying number, letter, or word(s) to let you know which material was in it before. For the sake of this example, we are using thePrint Tray Material Cross-Usagechart as a guide.
  1. Remove, clean, and reinstall the glass print base, as per the sectionClean Glass Print Base.

CAUTION: Ensure the glass print base is properly seated when you reinstall it. Failure to do so risks damaging the print-tray film. If that happens, the entire print tray will have to be replaced.


Ensure all four corners of the glass print base are seated securely within the raised plastic guides.

  1. Remove, clean, and reinstall the catch tray, as in the sectionRemove/Replace Catch Tray.
  1. Reinstall the print platform.
  1. As discussed in the introduction to this section, you will now either install a new print tray or reinstall the cleaned old one, as per the sectionInstall Print Tray.
  2. If this is a new print tray, label this tray with the same naming convention used in Step 2.

You are now ready to perform the print process with a new material.